Quick Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

Growing up, I had only seen gumbo done one way: whole hog. It had everything – blue crabs, shrimp, oysters (sometimes), sausage, ham, chicken…EVERYTHING. But when I left New Orleans to attend LSU in Baton Rouge, I came across Chicken and Sausage Gumbo.

Gumbo with only two ingredients? This had to be the work of philistines.

Turns out, it was pretty darned good and I eventually grew to like it. With a little dexterity and concentration it can be accomplished in a little over an hour, which is not so bad on a weekday. And everyone will love you for it. Score!

What follows is not a recipe, but it shows a few of the steps along the way. A quick gumbo is totally doable on a weeknight after work.

A dark brown roux is a must. So are onions, garlic, parsley…
While you’re carefully watching your roux, fry your sausage and chicken.


Use a good quality sausage or andouille. Tonight I used Manda (hot).
Dice or shred your chicken. Emeril’s not coming over, so do it your way.
There are so many seasoning choices!
Finished product. One hour.

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