SoulCreole: The Cookbook

You can contribute to my project here. Thanks in advance!


This project seeks to preserve and perhaps resurrect a dying facet of modern life: our deep connection to the foods that are a vital part of our identity, our history, our experiences and our cultural future.


I am currently working on a collection of foodways nonfiction and photography that delves into the sophistication and earthiness of southern cooking, especially its connection to sustaining and connecting African American families.

More than sentimental reminiscences or clichéd celebrations of “creole” or “soul” food, SoulCreole: The Cookbook, is a story of finding God in the quiet boil of rice; of enjoying the richest pleasures in the humblest ingredients; and, of recognizing food’s sacred ability to facilitate healing, evolution and empowerment.

The book will deal specifically with the food, family and culture of my Northern Mississippi and Southern Louisiana roots, in the style of Edna Lewis’s “The Taste of Country Cooking”, an American classic.

My mother’s family hails from the Mississippi Delta, where they were doing farm-to-table long before it was cool or hip. My father’s family is centered in Creole Louisiana, specifically New Orleans and its environs, and the food of that region is as much a part of me as my last name.

I will be traveling to other cities and towns (Opelousas, Lafayette and Lake Charles…perhaps others as time and resources permit), as well, to include stories of families there.

I want to tell this story and I hope to do it justice.


I am a native New Orleanian, educated in the public schools of Orleans and Jefferson parishes. I hold a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Louisiana State University (1991).

I am writer who works part time for a local nonprofit organization that focuses on afterschool enrichment for underserved children and families. One of our many projects is the “ADVENTures in Reading!” Literacy Initiative, where notable Louisianans read to our students from books by Louisiana authors.


The funds raised through GoFundMe would help to cover the costs of recipe development, research, and travel and technology expenses.

Thank you, most sincerely, for considering me and my work.


2 thoughts on “SoulCreole: The Cookbook

  1. Not sure if you know it, but you inspired me, challenged me, motivated me, and made me proud to call you a friend 30 years ago. And that has not changed one single bit!

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    1. OMG, Ked! Thank you, my friend. One of the things that makes someone worthy to be called “friend” is their ability to be a good influence. True friends inspire us to live up to our best potential. Knowing that I’ve done that makes me happy. Thank you, Rho!


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