Shrimp and Almond Quinoa

In New Orleans and most of south Louisiana, rice is king. We eat rice on our rice. It’s a definitive part of our culture and we love it. But as grains go, it’s not always the most nutritious choice. Quinoa, with it’s tricky pronunciation and upstart attitude, packs an unparalleled nutritional wallop. And when given the SoulCreole touch, quinoa… Read More Shrimp and Almond Quinoa


Swedish Meatballs with Ribbon Noodles

  Invariably at your next baby shower or tailgate you will hear someone say that the “Swedish” meatballs are in the crockpot next to the finger sandwiches. You’ll look in and see meatballs swimming in barbecue sauce. Now, they may be good meatballs. They may be tasty meatballs. But they aren’t Swedish Meatballs. Swedish meatballs are traditionally made… Read More Swedish Meatballs with Ribbon Noodles