2017 – Tradition and Creativity


My mother prepared our family’s traditional New Year meal of cabbage and barbecued pork ribs this year. She’s not a fan of black-eyed peas, so we skipped them; and she didn’t feel like making cornbread after eating left-over Christmas dressing all week, so we had toasted New Orleans French bread with butter and garlic instead. Our Creole and soul food roots are traditional, but we’re not afraid to go our own way.

As with food, so with life. For instance, my mother and father both grew up with cabbage being cooked until it cried uncle, but as they’ve gotten older they prefer it more green and crisp – as do I. I like life that way as well: fuller, livelier, more flavorful. Tradition keeps us together, but creativity keeps things interesting.

In 2017, nicolemoliere.com and the SoulCreole project will explore new perspectives and focus on our tagline – “Character. Culture. Cuisine.” – in bold new ways. We will fellowship. We will challenge. We will discuss the day. We will eat, drink and be merry. And, we will celebrate both tradition and creativity without being hemmed in.

I’m saving a seat for you.


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