Tiger Slaw

If you still think of cole slaw as that gloopy, depressing, “they could have kept this!” side order from your local fast food joint, you haven’t been paying attention. Slaw is on everything these days, from bahn mi to pulled pork sliders and seafood tacos. My version, Tiger Slaw, pays tribute to LSU’s mascot, Mike VI. It’s purple, gold and spicy – just like a football Saturday night in Tiger Stadium.


The things you’ll need.

What I used:


4 cups shredded purple or red cabbage

1 cup hot banana pepper rings

1/4 cup thinly sliced white onion

1 TBSP dill relish

2 TBSP mayonnaise

1/2 tsp Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning

1/8 tsp black pepper


What I did:


The easiest and spiciest slaw you’ll ever make.

Remove the outer leaves of a small to medium purple or red cabbage. Wash thoroughly. Thinly slice on the bias to yield 3-4 cups of shredded cabbage.


Drain the hot banana peppers of all excess liquid and chop them coarsely, leaving a few whole rings for garnishing, if desired.

Slice the white onion very thin and then chop it coarsely.


Add the cabbage, peppers, onion, relish, mayonnaise, Tony Chachere’s and black pepper to a large bowl and mix well. Adjust your ingredients here, adding more mayonnaise if desired.



Tiger Slaw will be very spicy and is perfect for pairing with traditional tailgating fare, such as pulled pork sandwiches and grilled hot dogs and sausages.


This recipe yields about 8-12 servings.




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